Artificial lighting has its place in our world and is invaluable to businesses, homes, roads and recreation. However, when used inappropriately or excessively, artificial lighting can cause light pollution.

This has adverse effects on the environment, our health, biodiversity, and our climate (through energy waste). Light levels in Ireland have increased by ≈60% over the period 1995-2015.

Ireland is home to three internationally recognised dark sky places

Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve and Mayo International Dark Sky Park have both been awarded a gold tier for the quality of their night skies, free from light pollution and are important assets of natural night sky heritage. OM Dark Sky Park is a Ireland’s newest Internationally recognised dark sky place.

Other regions in Ireland are also seeking international accreditation for the quality of their natural skies. Dark sky places offer rural communities sustainable tourism opportunities during out-of-season periods and are sanctuaries of tranquillity for the public to enjoy the benefits of a natural night sky.
Without good design, planning and policy for reducing light pollution, there is a real risk of losing these natural heritage sites across the country.
We hope you will join us in our mission to protect and celebrate Ireland’s valuable Dark Sky Heritage.

The Irish Light Pollution Campaign (ILPAC) was founded in the early 2000’s by Colm O’Brien. ILPAC became the Irish node of the International Dark Sky Association in 2003. Albert White is the current chairperson.

Dark Sky Ireland is a Chapter member of the International Dark Sky Association.

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