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Dark Sky Week 2021 takes place between April 5 and April 12.

“The night sky is a gift of such tremendous beauty that should not be hidden under a blanket of wasted light. It should be visible so that future generations do not lose touch with the wonder of our universe.” Jennifer Barlow, Founder Dark Sky Week

Jennifer Barlow (U.S.)
In 2002, at age 15, Jennifer Barlow came up with an idea to encourage people to look up and enjoy a natural night sky. The idea picked up steam and today it is the worldwide celebration know as International Dark Sky Week. In explaining why she started the week, Barlow said, “I want people to be able to see the wonder of the night sky without the effects of light pollution. The universe is our view into our past and our vision into the future…I want to help preserve its wonder.” 

Events Listing for Dark Sky Week:

(Easter) Monday April 5 at 7.30pm

A Cork Sky Friendly Campaign Zoom tutorial on how to participate in the Globe at Night citizen science project

Dark Sky Week events from MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory

Friday April 9 at 7pm

MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory presents a live online panel discussion on why fighting light pollution matters.

Monday April 12 at 7pm

A networking event co-hosted by Mayo Dark Skies and the Cork Sky Friendly Campaign to raise awareness of light pollution in Ireland and to encourage advocacy and support for Dark Sky groups on the island takes place on April 12 at 19.00.

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The Friends of Mayo Dark Skies has events running weeklong throughout Dark Sky Week.



International Dark Sky Week 2021 Dates