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 IDA Update in Europe
Friedel Pas (International Dark-Sky Association)
The IDA faces a lot of challenges in Europe. The Energy-Using Products (EuP) directive is in progress and the European Standard EN-13201, referring to road lighting standards and performance requirements, is under review with additional parts. The IDA needs to be involved in that. In the past year the IDA has already done several things. Position statements concerning light and human health have been developed, and we participated in the important conferences, such as Starlight 2009. An overview of the most important issues and what these mean for light-pollution developments in Europe will be shown. The IDA is working on several model lighting codes. These are region specific, but it will be interesting to work one out for Europe too, based on the best lighting codes already existing in Europe. There will be time for discussion on this issue and on questions and suggestions for the working of the IDA in Europe.