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This presentation was given at the 9th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky, in Armagh, 2009

Sean Noone (Chairman and Managing Director, Superior Electronic Lighting Controllers [SELC] Ireland Ltd.)
The presentation reviews the SELC Candelon streetlight monitoring and control system. Streetlights provide peace of mind and safety at night, enhanced vision when driving, security against vandalism and personal attack, and an invitation to do business and socialise at night in our towns and cities. However, they are costly to maintain and operate. They also consume large amounts of precious energy and manpower in producing and installing spare parts, routine maintenance, identifying faults and dealing with citizen’s complaints. Street lights can consume up to 40% of a city’s electrical energy, with a cost of the order of £1M per 100,000 people every year and a correspondingly large carbon footprint. The talk will show how the specialist control system and the pioneering dimming system for streetlighting developed by SELC can provide significant energy savings and reduction of light pollution.