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International Dark Sky Park Certification ( pdf )
Kim Patten (Programs Director and Public Affairs, International Dark-Sky Association)
IDA takes great pride in its efforts to protect our nightscape. We also take pride in recognizing others who do the same. Through our International Dark Sky Places program, IDA and its partners certify locations with exceptional nightscapes as International Dark Sky Communities (IDSC), International Dark Sky Parks (IDSP), and International Dark Sky Reserves (IDSR). These locations serve as reminders that with quality outdoor lighting, the extraordinary wonders of the night-time sky and night environment are just as much a part of our lifestyle and history as are the daylight hours. In fact, without the inspiration and wonders of the night-time environment much of the world’s history, art, culture, music, and literature would not have been created. Simple steps in the planning process can ensure a prolonged commitment to the preservation of this natural resource. The IDS Places program includes these methods in order to provide a down-to-Earth yet substantial mechanism for the protection of the night sky.