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Episode Description
Have you ever gazed up at the night sky, wondering about the mysteries it holds, or can you hardly see the stars at night? Join us as we head off into the starry embrace of OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory, nestled in the Sperrin mountains in Northern Ireland, where the stars shine so undisturbed and bright that you can see galaxies with the naked eye.

 Guiding us through the constellations and landscape is none other than Dr. Barry Lynn, astronomer at OM Dark Sky Park & Observatory, so join us as we turn off the lights and adjust our eyes towards the endless skies.

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Podcast Episode

25 Aug

30 min 18 sec




Irish words in this episode:

Ceoldán (music and poetry) – Pronounced: “kyool-don”

Ogham – (Medieval Irish alphabet) Pronounced: “og-uhm”

Dabhach (cauldron / bowl) – Pronounced: “da-vahg”


Experiences mentioned:

Beaghmore stone circles and Solar Walk:

The Giants of the Sperrins – Wooden Giants by the recycling artist Thomas Dambo:

Sperrinview Glamping: