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Irish Astronomy Week 2024

09th-16th March 

Amazing images of our Universe, from the solar system to distant galaxies and even the echoes of the Big Bang will form part of a huge series of free public events happening from March 9th to 16th as part of the second Irish Astronomy week.
The theme this year is entitled “From Your Garden to the Stars” and follows in the footsteps Irish neolithic culture, like us they were influenced by the stars, and the movement of our Earth around the Sun and were responsible for creating Ireland’s most remarkable monuments that to this day have stood the test of time.
Most of us in our busy lives do not pay attention to the night sky, only making the occasional glance, but we really should, and during the upcoming Irish Astronomy Week, we invite you to go out to your garden and start exploring the Cosmos.
Libraries throughout the four provinces of Ireland will be hosting though provoking talks and exhibitions by leading amateur and professional astronomers. During the weeklong celebration we welcome you to come along to the many observing events where some of the largest amateur telescopes in the country will be trained on the planets Jupiter, Mercury and the surface of the Moon, giving unprecedented views of it many features that have laid bare for 4 million years including lava plains, mountains, Maria and its huge abundance of craters.
The full program of events can be viewed online at