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Dark Sky Ireland Celebrates Significant Funding Boost


Dark Sky Ireland (DSI) is pleased to share the news of a grant of €10,000 from Community Foundation Ireland. This funding marks a pivotal moment for DSI, enabling the organisation to enhance its operations and outreach in the fight against light pollution.


The grant positioned Dark Sky Ireland perfectly to host a successful Light Pollution (LP) workshop, which took place at Trinity College on April 26th. The workshop was a melting pot of ideas and commitments, with a diverse group of stakeholders, including local councillors, biodiversity officers, ecologists, lighting professionals, astronomers, heritage officers and many more, coming together to pledge their support for DSI’s mission. 

Professor Brian Espey of Dark Sky Ireland commented that “This funding is not just a monetary boost but a catalyst for collaboration and innovation in our ongoing efforts to protect the night skies”.


Strategic Allocation of Funds to Propel DSI’s Mission

The newly acquired funds are earmarked for three strategic initiatives that will propel DSI’s mission forward. Firstly, a portion of the grant was utilised to mobilise a broad spectrum of stakeholders and commence collaboration across the board as DSI recognises the value of expert guidance and understands the importance of communication and engaging those with influence on policy.  Secondly, the development of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) materials will empower professionals in related fields with the knowledge to make a positive impact on light pollution. Lastly, the engagement of an external facilitator will help DSI to crystallize its short- to medium-term goals, ensuring that the organization’s trajectory aligns with its vision for the future.


Fostering Professional Development and Strategic Planning

The investment in CPD materials is a testament to DSI’s commitment to education and engagement. By creating web-based resources and videos, DSI aims to reach a wider audience, equipping professionals with the tools they need to mitigate light pollution. This initiative not only serves the immediate educational needs but also fosters a long-term cultural shift towards more responsible lighting practices. Similarly, the strategic planning facilitated by an external expert will provide a roadmap for DSI, outlining key actions and priorities that will guide the organisation’s efforts as it prepares to co-host the International Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) conference in Westport in 2025.


Building Momentum for Night-Time Environment Protection

The collaboration and insights gained from the LP workshop on April 26th are stepping stones towards one of DSI’s medium-term goals: the protection of the night-time environment. This workshop was a crucial opportunity for DSI to influence policy and advocate for the preservation of dark skies, leveraging the momentum generated by the recent funding and the collaborative efforts of the workshop participants.


Positive Developments at Dark Sky Ireland

With the support of Community Foundation Ireland, DSI is poised to progress in its quest to combat light pollution. The funding will not only sustain the organisation’s current operations but also catalyse growth and innovation. As DSI continues to expand its reach and influence, the impact of this funding will be felt across the organisation as it works tirelessly to preserve the beauty of the night sky for future generations.


Further information for Editors

Community Foundation Ireland and its donors shares a mission of fostering equality in thriving communities. Together with 5,000 voluntary, community, and charitable partners, Community Foundation Ireland serves as a philanthropic hub for Ireland, providing knowledge, expertise, and information to ensure effective and strategic giving.


Dark Sky Ireland’s vision is to ensure Ireland’s nightscapes are celebrated, restored, and protected for present and future generations of all living things. It aims to do this by empowering custodians and ambassadors to recognise and protect Ireland’s night sky as a natural habitat and a shared heritage.


Leave No Trace Ireland is Ireland’s only outdoor ethics programme, which promotes the responsible use of the outdoors. Through education, research and partnerships, Leave No Trace Ireland enables and supports individuals, communities, organisations, and companies in reducing the environmental impact of outdoor activities.